Fulbright-King’s College London Scholars Award, 2013.

Fellow, Royal Society of Arts, 2012.

Pain Fellow, The Birkbeck Pain Project, 2012.

Ruth Landes Memorial Fellowship, 2012-2013.

The Francis Bacon Fellowship, 2012-2013 (declined).

Distinguished Faculty for Research, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 2008.

Service Award, Department of History, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 2002.

W. M. Keck Foundation and Mayers Fellow, 2000.

Life Member, Clare Hall, Cambridge, as of 1992.

Award for Meritorious Service to the University, Portland State University,1991.

Prince Consort Studentship, Cambridge University (1994-5).

Michael Postan Award, LSE University of London (1994-5).

Cambridge Historical Society Grant, Cambridge University (1994).

Clare Hall Bursary, Cambridge University (1993-4).

Ellen McArthur Grant, Cambridge University (1993-4).

Ellen McArthur Research Studentship, Cambridge University  (1992-3).

Overseas Research Bursary  (1992-3, 1993-4, 1994-5).

Cambridge Overseas Trust (1992-3, 1993-4).

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